La Melina leather factory: where the excellence of the italian leather craft tradition meets innovation and research.

Pelletteria la Melina: coniuga l’eccellenza della tradizione della pellettiera italiana con l’innovazione e la ricerca.

A story is enshrined in our bags. The story of La Melina Leather Factory, a young brand built on years of experience in the production of models for some of the most prestigious fashion houses

La Melina Leather Factory is located in Scandicci, in the close surroundings of Florence. A 550 sq.m establishment, where the quality of production and the compliance with environmental regulations are paramount values. Inside the plant, work is carried out by an organized and specialized team.  
All united to undertake new challenges, yet always remaining faithful to the spirit of craftsmanship. This is how our bags are created: fashionable but also classical, mini and maxi shapes, elegant and casual, all made in selected leathers and designed to be unique and functional. 

Depending on the model and its variants, we produce up to 5,000 units per month, carefully implementing and planning each processing phase, from cutting to model, from preparation to assembly, finishing and packaging.  

We have established targeted partnerships with specialized contractors, thus optimizing our stylistic and productive flexibility. It is also thanks to them, that we collaborate with top brands designers and the main Tuscan tanneries, which take part in both national and international field trade shows

La Melina Leather Factory is our business enterprise, which lives thanks to our consolidated experience as contractors. Today, we try to look at the future, by means of our creative research, and also by proposing customized models in line with market trends.